My 3 Favorite Chicago Donut Shops

One of my favorite things about living in Chicago is the INCREDIBLE food that we have available. Way beyond deep dish and hot dogs–though we do those very well–its also the unique sweets and treats that the city offers that can make this such an incredible foodie city. I was once told that you could eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at different restaurants everyday in Chicago and never repeat due to the sheer amount of shops available. [I cannot confirm this, just something I was told 🙂 ]

One of the things that I frequently indulge in is donuts. Chicago has TONS of amazing donut shops that are worth a visit, but the below are my 3 most commonly visited. Let us know if you have had a chance to check these out, or if you have something else we should try!


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A favorite of my workplace (mostly due to its proximity to the Merchandise Mart) is Doughnut Vault. Located on Franklin and Kinzie, Donut Vault creates classic favorites and specialties that change on a daily basis. You can check out their menu each day by following their twitter account at @doughnutvault . Some of my favorites include the sugar donut and the apple fritter. They are known for their old fashioned, so if you are a fan–it’s a must visit!

They often sell out quickly so keep an eye on the twitter account to make sure that they are still open. We often snag some early in the morning for my coworkers birthdays as a fun celebratory treat. You can also find some of their treats at Fremont Chicago during their weekend brunch!


A DePaul Student/Lincoln Park favorite, Glazed and Infused has spread and opened multiple locations across the city. I love to hop off the Armitage CTA stop and grab a few on special occasions. With traditional favorites and some wacky creations, the are defiantly worth a visit. The menu changes seasonally–My favorite time to visit is autumn when they bring out their seasonal donuts, including apple cider.

Recommendations on the regular menu include the vanilla bean or red velvet donuts. If you love crazy flavors, you can reach for the maple bacon long john or the Pilsen–a creation of mango and pineapple glaze with some lime dustings inspired by the historically hispanic neighborhood in Chicago.


Last, but most certainly not least, a summer must is Firecakes. Located on both Clark in Lincoln Park or Hubbard in River North, Firecakes offers a great selection of coffees and donuts certain to please anyone.

While they do create amazing donuts year round, one of my favortie summer treats has been the ice cream donut sandwiches that they sell. Normally with a iced long john, chocolate sauce, and cocolate or vanilla ice cream–the summer treat has become a favorite snack during our afternoon walks at work. (If you have not figured it out yet–we LOVE donuts.)

They recently launched a peach cobbler sandwich, which I was able to check out and defiantly recommend checking out before they stop selling! A iced crumble long john, caramel glaze and peach gelato make this a refreshing summer treat.


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